Georg Schuetz

Georg Schuetz

Born 1977 in St.Poelten/Austria
1996-98 College for Multimedia GLV Vienna
2002-07 University for Media Art Cologne/Germany
May 07 graduated (Prof.Larcher, Prof. Moore & Prof. Scher)

Main focus is set to medial reflection and self-surveillance in times of youtube and flickr.

He is member of the sound collective z e n t r i f u g e , which focuses on the interaction between sound and video/visual in multi-channel-environments. A special focus is given to the combination of digital and analog filters and techniques to manipulate these impressions.

In 2005, as a part of S.A.M.T. (Society for Art of Minimal Transition), he travelled to Beijing (by train) to attend a Media Symposium. The opening performance was fed by audiovisual miniatures recorded on the way to Beijing, chinese music students were participating in the performance. This process-oriented approach was the main aspect of the project.

In 2006, he was one of the co-founders of the micronation "Odonien", located in Cologne. Odonien is a place to experience art in a party environment, where people do not think about being part of a socio-cultural experiment, dealing with bureaucracy and borders. Art far away from the white cube is one of the main maxim.

Recently he focussed on topics of surveillance and control, his diploma project fused the search for attention with surveillance technology.

His works and performances has been shown in Berlin, Cologne, New Brunswick, Eindhoven, Beijing and Vienna.