In the line of flight .. by train

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Trip and Performance to Beijing


For the Peking exhibition „In the Line of Flight-Transcending Urbanscapes“ in May 2005, we wish to utilize the Transsiberian Railway, as a means of transportation and as a possible state of transendance. We are using the most advanced transporation device of the 19th century: The train as a symbol of modernization within the region, in the sense that it was one of the earliest forms of a technical network, linking both industrial and urban epicenters.

To travel the whole distance from Cologne to Peking by train is an attempt to experience the continuum from one continent to the next with the presence of our bodies . At the same time we are using the journey and our documentation of that journey, as an experiment, to examine how far we can portray our transcendence through these landscapes, so that it might become a collective medial experience.
At the same time the action will become a metaphor for the relativity of such notions as velocity and technological advancement, which is defined and bounded to certain aspects of cultural history.

S.A.M.T. is: Hannes Hölzl, Echo Ho, Alberto De Campo, Georg Schuetz, Sven Hahne & Loudmila Varapai.

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