Enhanced Object
Georg Schuetz 2003


Built-in lamp.
Oldfashioned design with high.tec body.
Writing Quicktime mpg4 - Movies to harddisc
Assigning date & time stamp.
Fully firewire-compatible

A stand-alone application where the user can create his own video-diary. Placed somewhere near the bed, the user can hit the record.button whenever he feels for and record qt-movies direct to harddisc. They are organized in folder structure and can also be linked to a website, where the can kept up to date.

As a main.application for an upcoming longtime.project with time.

At the paximat u can plug external usb.keyboard and vga-monitor to configure and admin the computer or

The hülle has got 18x25 cm to use, exactly enough to beherbergen the 17x17cm mainboard.